A slam poem by Ernie Cline, bastardized by Paulo Ang (pbba13@hotmail.com)

Page Last Modified: 2009.07.08

Page First Created: 2005.03.09

About this project

2009.07.08 - Putting another mirror up here, seeing as Google Pages is going the way of the dodo and I've got this webhost I'm trying out.

2008.03.26 - Graduation is finally in sight, and I don't know how much longer I'll have this webspace on UCSD servers-- so I'll put up this mirror at Google Pages that should stay up even when I leave UCSD.

2007.01.21 - Ernie's animation webpage keeps going down, so I'm just gonna link to the Google video version here. Oh, and someone started a Wikipedia article on him too. And finally, a billion should be 10^9, not 10^6.

2006.08.27 - Good news, everyone! Not only has Ernie allowed me to put my flash animation back on this webpage, it seems like he's put his filmstrip version back on his website too.

2006.08.16 - I've taken the flash animation off, after a request from Cline himself. If you're not familiar with DMD yet, I suggest you Google it now, or go here for his official site.

2006.05.09 - Cline's website seem to be having problems. Here is the text of the original poem. Here is a YouTube copy of his newer version and animation.

2006.04.18 - Check out Ernie Cline's own animation of this.